99.95% Molybdenum Heating Element high temperature resistance

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Molybdenum heating element high purity customized vacuum elevated temperature furnace


Appearance: black brown, if the alkali wash will be silver gray metallic luster, the surface is smooth, flat, no double skin, layer, crack edge, impurity clamping and other defects.
The thickness > 1.5mm supplied in hot rolling condition,the  thickness <  1.5mm sheet is supplied in cold rolled or washed surface condition.
Specifications: can be provided according to user requirements. It can produce the width and thickness provided by the user.
Application: this product is suitable for lighting and vacuum devices, power semiconductor devices, glass fiber chamber furnace heating element, heat insulation screen, molybdenum boat and other aspects :TZM series molybdenum plate, sheet can also be used as anti-ray shielding material, high temperature furnace structure material and other fields.


shipping According to the consumer’s demands.
size customized
pay attention heavy quantity is with preferential price.

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