High quality welding electrode 2% cerium WC20 cerium tungsten electrode tig welding rod and bar

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  • Place of Origin: Henan, China
  • Brand Name: LuoyangForgedmoly
  • Product Name: WC20 cerium tungsten electrode
  • Model Number: WT20/WC20/WL20
  • Application: TIG Welding
  • Shape: rod, bar
  • Operating Temperature: Standard Temperature
  • Package: 10pcs one box
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    Cerium tungsten electrode has the advantages of no radiation, low melting rate and long service life. Cerium tungsten electrode is the best product under low current welding, and it is also used for other low current welding, such as small and complex parts. The color of cerium electrode is gray, and the tungsten electrode has the value of tungsten environment.

    Compared with thorium tungsten electrode, cerium tungsten electrode has the following advantages: thorium tungsten electrode has slight radiation, and they can only operate under high current. However, cerium tungsten electrode is a non radiation welding material and can operate at low current.

    Cerium tungsten electrode can replace thorium tungsten electrode. The pressure drop of cerium arc is the smallest in tungsten arc welding.


    Package: 10 pieces / plastic box, 150 mm or 175 mm in length, 1000 pieces per carton.

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