Molybdenum and tungsten electrodes for resistance welding

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Tungsen and molybdenum electordes for resistance welding

We manufacture both solid electrodes and cast electrode(insert electrode)

Material of solid electrodes are:

1.Mo, TZM

2.W, WL10, WL20

3.WCu70, WCu75, WCu80, WCu90

4.Tungsten-heavy metal alloy

Material of cast electordes(insert electrode) are:

1.Cu shaft with Mo, TZM, WL10, WL20 or W insert.

2.CuCrZr shft with Mo, TZM, WL10, WL20 or W insert.

We manufacture electrodes accroding to your darwings or you can send the electrodes you are using to us, Our engineers will  mesure them precisely and make newelectrodes same as yours.

With high quality material and experienced experts , Welding electrodes made from our refractory metals and their alloys have a relatively high level of electrical conductivity while also exhibiting outstanding stability at high temperatures. They therefore have a considerably longer service life than traditional materials such as copper and copper alloys. Take a look for yourself and use our materials to increase your electrode service lives.

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