Molybdenum lighting components support rod

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Molybdenum(MLa ) support rod

Dimensionally stable wire sections and pins made from molybdenum-lanthanum oxide (ML) are used to support the filament in halogen lamps and incandescent lamps. They are also used to conduct electricity. Our materials offer high dimensional stability and weldability.To make sure that our electrical support wires benefit from particularly high ductility and dimensional stability, we dope our molybdenum with La2O3. The stabilized microstructure and modified recrystallization behavior prevent the premature embrittlement and fracture of our material.A high level of resistance to oxidation is important at application temperatures of over 300 °C: The oxidation rate of ML is considerably lower than that of pure molybdenum.ML has a particularly fine-grained fiber structure. After recrystallization, the material forms a stacked microstructure, i.e. a structure consisting of elongated, interlocked grains. As a result, the recrystallization temperature is significantly higher than in the case of pure molybdenum and even higher than that of AKS-doped molybdenum (AKS = aluminium-potassium silicate). Our ML wires and pins remain ductile at room temperature and at very high operating temperatures.

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