Ferro Tungsten Prices in China Kept Rising due to Boosted Market Confidence

The tungsten powder, ammonium metatungstate(APT) and ferro tungsten prices in China kept rising in the week ended on Friday September 27, 2019 on the end of Fanya stock auction and firm guide prices from listed tungsten companies.

Supported by the tightening availability of raw materials and high production costs, raw material manufacturers were reluctant to sell their products and also raised prices. More and more smelting factories stopped production or reduced production with the approaching of the holiday of National Day. As a result, the supply of APT became more tight and some prices broke through the level of $239.70/mtu, but actual transactions were rarely concluded. For tungsten powder market, price climbed to $30.3/kg. Downstream alloy companies were hard to arrange the production and made offers. They mainly remained cautious sentiment.

Post time: Oct-08-2019

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