Henan Takes Tungsten and Molybdenum Advantages to Build Non-Ferrous metals Industry

Henan is an important province of tungsten and molybdenum resources in China, and the province aims to take advantages to build a strong non-ferrous metals industry. In 2018, Henan molybdenum concentrate production accounted for 35.53% of the country’s total output. The reserves and output of tungsten ore resources are among the best in China.

On July 19, the ninth meeting of the 12th Standing Committee of the Henan Provincial Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) was closed in Zhengzhou. The Standing Committee of Jun Jiang, on behalf of the Provincial Committee of the CPPCC Population Resources and Environment Committee, made a speech on the strategic non-ferrous metals industry.

From June 17 to 19, Chunyan Zhou, vice chairman of the Provincial Committee of the CPPCC, led the research group to Ruyang county and Luanchuan county. The research team believes that for a long time, the province has continuously strengthened the exploration, development, utilization, and protection of resources. The level of scientific and technological research and development has continued to improve, accelerating green and intelligent transformation, and the industrial pattern dominated by large enterprise groups has taken in shape. The scale of the application industry has been continuously expanded and the performance of the products has been greatly improved.

However, the current strategic research on the development of mineral resources is in a new era. The institutional mechanism for the development of strategic non-ferrous metals industry can’t meet the development and needs of market entities. As the mining industry is not enough open, level of scientific research is insufficient, and talent pool is not in place, the development still faces opportunities and challenges.

To give full play to the strategic resource advantages and accelerate the transformation of the industry from resource-driven to innovation-driven, the research team suggested: First, to effectively enhance ideological understanding, strengthen strategic planning and top-level design. Second, to take advantage of strategic mineral resources. Third, to accelerate development of the entire industrial chain, to create industrial clusters of more than 100 billion. Fourth, to innovate mechanism system to optimize industrial development environment. The fifth is to strengthen green mines construction, to build the national green mining development demonstration zone.

Jun Jiang pointed out that the reserves and output of molybdenum deposits in Henan rank first in the country and are expected to remain for a long time. Tungsten mines are expected to surpass Jiangxi and Hunan. Relying on the concentrated advantages of mineral resources such as tungsten and molybdenum, the development will be integrated into the overall pattern of industrial development in the country and the world. The absolute advantage of resource reserves will be maintained through exploration and storage, and the pricing power of products will be improved by controlling production capacity.

The rhenium, indium, antimony, and fluorite associated with tungsten and molybdenum ore are important resources necessary for non-ferrous metals industry and should be unified to form an overall advantage. Henan will vigorously support leading mining companies to carry out international cooperation, obtain strategic resources and build highland together with the existing resources.

Post time: Aug-02-2019

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