Luoyang natural resources and Planning Bureau carried out the “look back” work of green mines

Recently, Luoyang natural resources and Planning Bureau has earnestly strengthened the organization and leadership, adhered to the problem orientation, and concentrated on “looking back” on the green mines in the city.


The Municipal Bureau set up a leading group for the “look back” work of the city’s green mines headed by Jia Zhihui, a member of the Party group and deputy director. From March 7 to 21, the leaders of the Bureau led three working groups to carry out the “look back” work of 35 green mines that have been put into storage in various counties and districts.

The working group and its delegation inspected the current situation of green mines in storage, consulted the self-assessment report of green mine construction and relevant data accounts, reviewed the basic situation of the mine, legal production and basic appearance of the site, and formulated “one mine and one file” according to the on-site verification. At the same time, a symposium was held to put forward specific rectification requirements for the problems found in the inspection. Mining enterprises are required to continuously and solidly promote the construction of green mines, further establish the concept of green development, ecological priority and green mining, and promote the coordinated development of mineral resources development and utilization and ecological environment protection.

It is reported that there are 35 green mines in Luoyang, including 26 national green mines and 9 provincial green mines. In 2022, Luoyang Municipal Bureau will focus on the transformation of mine planning and quality, and further improve the number and quality of mines.

Post time: Mar-22-2022

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