Tungsten Powder Market in China Kept Quiet in Early 2020

China tungsten prices remained stable in the week ended on Friday January 3, 2020 affected by the holiday of New Year and lukewarm demand in the market. Most market particip ants are paying attention to the implementation of various policies and the release of a new round of price forecasts for tungsten from listed tungsten companies.

In the tungsten concentrate market, sellers were optimistic about policy support and consuming after the holiday, coupled with the slowdown in corporate production during the Spring Festival period, the market had a strong rised mentality, but high-price deals still were hardly concluded. The APT market was supported by high raw material costs. Smelting factories remained low operating rate as they faced pressure from the demand side. As for the tungsten powder market, it also kept stable in line with the whole market trend.

Post time: Jan-07-2020

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