US Finds Mongolia to solve the rare earth problem

Looking for rare earth dives Trump crazy, American leader finds Mongolia this time, the second-largest proven reserves in the world. Although the US claims to be the “world hegemon”, the tombstone of former America President Nixon even engraved the words “world peacemakers.” In reality, what they did was “the opposite.” Americans are good at “carding others’ necks” and have always been proud of them. A few decades ago, their rare earth technology was the first in the world, they are not less to do this kind of thing.

However, this time they were completely calm, because the lack of this key material, the proud stealth fighters can hardly produce, the plan is more than 4,000 units F-35, they have only produced 500 units, and how to deliver the behind quantities?

To break through the predicament, Americans can be described as “exhaustion”, seven years have passed, the US military has indeed stocked a large number of semi-finished products, but what makes them embarrassed is that no company in domestic has the deep processing ability to extract the 17 rare metals.

At the end of May this year, the US Geological Survey issued a warning as the country’s rare elements dependence is 100% on other countries. 80% of its products came from China, Estonia accounted for 6%, and France and Japan each accounted for 3%.

Since the problem is so serious, it must be solved. The only enterprise in the United States is a Sino-US joint venture, and it requires for sending products to China for further processing. Therefore, they can only ask for the world’s largest rare earth production company, Australia’s producer Linus for help. However, this company was officially announced by Malaysia that its business license may be canceled at any time because of environmental pollution.

Due to the lack of core technology, America has been forced to find rare metals. In June, a bill of 1950 was urgently launched, and the excuse of military demand was used to mobilize state funds to solve this problem. To achieve this goal, the American leader has also done a crazy thing in the past two days.

On July 31, Trump made an urgent visit to Mongolia. During the negotiations, Americans only care about how to buy more rare earth. Why they choose this country? The reason is simple. Its proven reserves reached 31 million tons, ranking second in the world after China.

But the problem is coming again. Can you consider the place where Mongolia is? What countries does it next to? It is tightly sandwiched between China and Russia. According to some media reports, there are only seven people in the Mongolian navy. Only one old Russian tugboat is carrying out missions near the ancient lake of Kusul. It is a little far-fetched to transport with such a “chilly” line.

The searching of rare earth dives Trump crazy and the US looks for Mongolia this time, while this still depends on the mood of Russia, if the Russian will let it go? The fighting nation held a national celebration on July 28. On the day of the Navy Festival, the Americans entangled a large group of “mans” to perform military exercises in places only a few tens of kilometers away. Can the “fighting nation” swallow this blamestorming?

Post time: Aug-05-2019

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