• Tungsten-fibre-reinforced tungsten

    Tungsten is particularly suitable as material for highly stressed parts of the vessel enclosing a hot fusion plasma, it being the metal with the highest melting point. A disadvantage, however, is its brittleness, which under stress makes it fragile and prone to damage. A novel, more resilient com...
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  • Team develops fast, cheap method to make supercapacitor electrodes for electric cars, high-powered lasers

    Supercapacitors are an aptly named type of device that can store and deliver energy faster than conventional batteries. They are in high demand for applications including electric cars, wireless telecommunications and high-powered lasers. But to realize these applications, supercapacitors need be...
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  • Chinese Tungsten Concentrate Market Is Under Pressure on Lukewarm Demand

    The Chinese tungsten concentrate market has been under pressure since late October due to lukewarm demand from end users after customers retreated from the market. Concentrate suppliers cut their offer prices to encourage buying in the face of weak market confidence. Chinese tungsten prices are e...
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  • Tungsten as interstellar radiation shielding?

    A boiling point of 5900 degrees Celsius and diamond-like hardness in combination with carbon: tungsten is the heaviest metal, yet has biological functions—especially in heat-loving microorganisms. A team led by Tetyana Milojevic from the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Vienna report for...
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  • Tungsten suboxide improves the efficiency of platinum in hydrogen production

    Researchers presented a new strategy for enhancing catalytic activity using tungsten suboxide as a single-atom catalyst (SAC). This strategy, which significantly improves hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) in metal platinum (pt) by 16.3 times, sheds light on the development of new electrochemical ...
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  • China APT Prices Stabilize Due to Thin Market Trading

    The ferro tungsten and ammonium metatungstate (APT) prices in China are unchanged from the previous trading day. Raw material manufacturers become reluctant to sell their products while terminal buyers are still not active in inquiry. Affected by environmental protection, increased mining costs, ...
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  • The Tungsten Powder Market Remains Weak in Wake of Unclear Outlook

    The trend of Chinese tungsten prices still lies on the relationship between the supply and demand. On the whole, the recovery in the demand side fails to meet market expectation, downstream enterprises seek lower prices and traders take a watchful stance. With the reduced profits, the tungsten ma...
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  • Tungsten Prices in China Remained Weak as Offers for November Declined

    The tungsten prices in China remained weak adjustment in the week ended on Friday November 8, 2019 due to the decline in tungsten forecast prices and new offers. Sellers has strong willingness in stabilizing current market prices, but the market was weak and the terminal side was under pressure. ...
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  • China Tungsten Prices Are High Supported by Tight Supply of raw materials

    China tungsten prices maintain at a relatively high level supported by improved market confidence, high production costs and tight supply of raw materials. But some traders are not willing to trade at high prices without demand support, and thus actual transactions are limited, replying on rigid ...
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  • Ferro Tungsten Prices in China Kept Rising due to Boosted Market Confidence

    The tungsten powder, ammonium metatungstate(APT) and ferro tungsten prices in China kept rising in the week ended on Friday September 27, 2019 on the end of Fanya stock auction and firm guide prices from listed tungsten companies. Supported by the tightening availability of raw materials and high...
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  • China Tungsten Powder and APT Prices Climb on Active Trading Atmosphere

    The tungsten powder and ammonium paratungstate(APT) prices in the Chinese market climb slightly as China Molybdenum successfully auctioning Fanya stockpiles lifts up market confidence in the short term. Now the space for price rise remains uncertain, so most producing enterprises stop quoting for...
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  • Tungsten Prices in China Continue to Climb on Raised Guide Prices for September

    The tungsten prices in China continues to climb as the average tungsten forecast prices from large institutions and offers from listed companies were raised. Tungsten ore sellers and smelting factories have strong willingness of rebound and thus their quotation rise slightly. However, the Fanya s...
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