Tungsten flow port with iridium pipe inserted,Tungsten Alloy Nozzle for Glass Fiber and Glass Wool Production

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Tungsten nozzles with iridum or rhenium tube inserted for glass wool and glass fiber production

Material:Tungsten , Molybdenum, Iridium, Rhenium.
Size:According to your drawing sheet.
Technoloyg: According to thermal expand and contraction theory, cooling down the iridium or rhenium tube first, then put it into the hole of tungsten nozzle, when the temperature of tube risie to normal, it will expands, and the tungsten and the tube will join together very tightly.
1,Tungsten and molybdenum nozzles
2,Tungsten and molybdenum jonit with iridium or rhenium tubes nozzles
1,High temperature resistance
2,Excellent corrosion resistance
3,a long service life
Application:For glass wool and glass fiber production.
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