TZM and W-Ni-Fe alloy Die-casting moulds for cooper and steel casting

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When die-casting steel materials, the working temperature of the die-casting mold cavity can be as high as 1000 degrees Celsius. The surface of the cavity is severely oxidized, corroded, and washed away. It often fails due to severe plastic deformation and network cracks. It can only die-cast dozens or hundreds of pieces. Therefore, refractory alloys such as tungsten, molybdenum, and niobium with melting points above 2600 degrees Celsius can be used to make the cavity of the die-casting mold. Since their recrystallization temperature is higher than 1000 degrees Celsius, they can work above this temperature for a long time. Among them, molybdenum-zirconium-titanium alloys are representative of molybdenum-based alloys and tungsten-molybdenum-nickel-iron is representative of tungsten-based alloys. The characteristics of this kind of material are high melting point, high high temperature strength, good heat resistance and corrosion resistance, excellent thermal conductivity and thermal fatigue resistance, non-sticking molten metal, good plasticity, and easy forming processing. It is mainly used for die-casting molds of copper alloys and iron and steel materials that work at higher temperatures. It can also be used as hot extrusion molds for titanium alloys and heat-resistant steels, making their life much longer than other hot-working mold steels. Due to the outstanding thermal conductivity of tungsten molybdenum nickel iron, it also has an advantage in the continuous production of aluminum die castings in the automotive industry.



Anviloy 1050

Anviloy 1150

Anviloy 1350


240-320 300 350



10.1 17 17.3 18.7


>650 >900 965 920

Elongation A5(%)

>10 >20 >10 >10

Yield Strength Rp0.2 (MPa)

>10 600 640 620
Yongs-Modulus (GPa) 320 330 360 370

Thermal Expansion

(20-400℃) [10-6m/(m.K)]

5.4 6.2 5.6 5.1

Heat Conductivity

20-400℃ [W/(m.K)]

110 70 65 90

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