• Tungsten isotope helps study how to armor future fusion reactors

    The inside of future nuclear fusion energy reactors will be among the harshest environments ever produced on Earth. What’s strong enough to protect the inside of a fusion reactor from plasma-produced heat fluxes akin to space shuttles reentering Earth’s atmosphere? ORNL researchers u...
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  • Researchers see crack formation in 3-D-printed tungsten in real time

    Boasting the highest melting and boiling points of all known elements, tungsten has become a popular choice for applications involving extreme temperatures, including lightbulb filaments, arc welding, radiation shielding and, more recently, as plasma-facing material in fusion reactors such as the...
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  • Weldability of Tungsten and Its Alloys

    Tungsten and its alloys can be successfully joined by gas tungsten-arc welding, gas tungsten-arc braze welding, electron beam welding and by chemical vapor deposition. The weldability of tungsten and a number of its alloys consolidated by arc casting, powder metallurgy, or chemical-vapor depositi...
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  • How To Make Tungsten Wire ?

    Making tungsten wire is a complex, difficult process. The process must be tightly controlled in order to insure the proper chemistry as well as the proper physical properties of the finished wire. Cutting corners early in the process to reduce wire prices can result in poor performance of the fin...
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  • China Tungsten Price Was in the Upward Trend in the Middle of July

    China tungsten price was in the upward trend in the week ended on Friday July 17, 2020 in the wake of boosted market confidence and good expectation for the supply and de sides. However, considering the instability in the economy and relatively weak demand, deals are hard to increase in the short...
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  • Mechanical properties of tungsten wires after cycling deformation treatment

    1.    Introduction Tungsten wires, with a thickness from several to tens of micro- meters, are plastically formed into spirals and used for incan- descent and discharge light sources. Wire manufacturing is based on the powder technology, i.e., tungsten powder obtained through a chemical process i...
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  • Tungsten may not be the best shot for making ‘green’ bullets

    With efforts underway to ban lead-based ammunition as a potential health and environmental hazard, scientists are reporting new evidence that a prime alternative material for bullets — tungsten — may not be a good substitute The report, which found that tungsten accumulates in major structures of...
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  • Study examines tungsten in extreme environments to improve fusion materials

    A fusion reactor is essentially a magnetic bottle containing the same processes that occur in the sun. Deuterium and tritium fuels fuse to form a vapor of helium ions, neutrons and heat. As this hot, ionized gas—called plasma—burns, that heat is transferred to water to make steam to turn turbines...
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  • From cobalt to tungsten: how electric cars and smartphones are sparking a new kind of gold rush

    What’s in your stuff? Most of us give no thought to the materials that make modern life possible. Yet technologies such as smart phones, electric vehicles, large screen TVs and green energy generation depend on a range of chemical elements that most people have never heard of. Until the lat...
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  • Tungsten as interstellar radiation shielding?

    A boiling point of 5900 degrees Celsius and diamond-like hardness in combination with carbon: tungsten is the heaviest metal, yet has biological functions—especially in heat-loving microorganisms. A team led by Tetyana Milojevic from the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Vienna report for...
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  • Scientists make tantalum oxide practical for high-density devices

    Scientists at Rice University have created a solid-state memory technology that allows for high-density storage with a minimum incidence of computer errors. The memories are based on tantalum oxide, a common insulator in electronics. Applying voltage to a 250-nanometer-thick sandwich of graphene...
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  • Ferro Tungsten Price Is Weak Affected by the Spread of Coronavirus

    The ferro tungsten and tungsten powder prices in the Chinese market remain weak adjustment as the market lacks liquid affected by continued spread of coronavirus around the world. Many authorities have to partially reinstate lockdowns, which reduces the transactions from overseas markets. The tun...
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