• How tungsten wire is made ?

    How is tungsten wire produced? Refining tungsten from ore cannot be performed by traditional smelting since tungsten has the highest melting point of any metal. Tungsten is extracted from ore through a series of chemical reactions. The exact process varies by manufacturer and ore composition, but...
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  • APT price outlook

    APT price outlook In June 2018, APT prices hit a four-year high of US$350 per metric tonne unit as a result of Chinese smelters coming offline. These prices were not seen since September 2014 when the Fanya Metal Exchange was still active.  “Fanya is widely believed to have contributed to the las...
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  • Characteristics of Tungsten Wire

    Characteristics of Tungsten Wire In the form of wire, tungsten maintains many of its valuable properties, including its high melting point, a low coefficient of thermal expansion, and a low vapor pressure at elevated temperatures. Because tungsten wire also demonstrates good electrical and therma...
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  • Practical Applications For Tungsten Wire

    Practical Applications For Tungsten Wire In addition to being essential to the production of coiled lamp filaments for lighting products, tungsten wire is useful for other goods where its high temperature properties are of value. For example, because tungsten expands at nearly the same rate as bo...
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  • A brief history of tungsten

    Tungsten has a long and storied history dating back to the Middle Ages, when tin miners in Germany reporting finding an annoying mineral that often came along with tin ore and reduced the yield of tin during smelting. The miners nicknamed the mineral wolfram for its tendency to “devour̶...
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  • How does molybdenum spray works ?

    In the flame spraying process, molybdenum is fed in the form of spray wire to the spray gun where it is melted by a flammable gas. Droplets of molybdenum are sprayed onto the surface that is to be coated where they solidify to form a hard layer. When larger areas are involved, thicker layers are ...
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  • Ferro Tungsten Prices Dropped in China on Weak Market Confidence

    Analysis of latest tungsten market  The tungsten carbide powder and ferro tungsten prices continued the downward trend as the decline in new guide prices of large tungsten companies weakened market confidence. Under the weak demand, capital shortage and reduced exports, product prices are still h...
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  • Tungsten Prices in China Were Weak on Quiet Trading

    Analysis of latest tungsten market China tungsten prices remained weak adjustment on continued weak demand side and sentiment of seeking for lower prices. The decline in new offer levels of listed tungsten companies shows it is may not the time for the market to bottom out. China’s dispute with A...
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  • China Tungsten Prices Failed to Bottom

    Analysis of latest tungsten market After China’s spot tungsten concentrate price fell below a level widely considered to be the break-even point for most producers in the country, many in the market has expected the price to bottom up. But the price has defied this expectation and continues on a ...
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  • Happy Creek Samples 519 g/tsilver at Fox Tungsten Property and Prepares for 2019

    Happy Creek Minerals Ltd (TSXV:HPY) (the “Company”), is providing results of further work completed in the late fall of 2018 on its 100% owned Fox tungsten property in south central B.C., Canada. The Company has advanced the Fox property from an early stage. As announced February 27, 2018, the pr...
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  • 9 Top Countries for Tungsten Production

    Tungsten, also known as wolfram, has many uses. It is commonly used to produce electrical wires, and for heating and electrical contacts. The critical metal is also used in welding, heavy metal alloys, heat sinks, turbine blades and as a substitute for lead in bullets. According to the most recen...
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  • Tungsten Outlook 2019: Will Shortfalls Drive Prices Up?

    Tungsten trends 2018: Price growth short lived As mentioned, analysts believed at the beginning of the year that tungsten prices would continue on the positive trajectory they started in 2016. However, the metal ended the year slightly flat — much to the dismay of market watchers and producers. “...
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