• Graphite Crucible

    Graphite crucible, also known as molten copper ladle, molten copper, etc., refers to a type of crucible made by firing graphite, clay, silica and wax as raw materials. Graphite crucibles are mainly used to smelt copper, brass, gold, silver, zinc and lead and other non-ferrous metals and their all...
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  • The production capacity of the main production area is limited, and the impact of the negative electrode graphitization capacity in October may exceed 50%

    According to statistics from ICC Xinlu Information on October 9, overall, nearly 40% of the domestic anode graphitization capacity is concentrated in Inner Mongolia. The overall power cut in September will affect more than 30% of the graphitization capacity, and the impact is expected to exceed 5...
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  • Tungsten and molybdenum industry contributed a lot to the success of the world’s largest thrust solid rocket engine test run!

    At 11:30 on October 19, 2021, China’s self-developed monolithic solid rocket engine with the world’s largest thrust, highest impulse-to-mass ratio, and engineerable application was successfully tested in Xi’an, marking that China’s solid-carrying capacity has been achieved substantially. Upgradin...
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  • Tungsten Alloy Rod

    Tungsten Alloy Rod (English name: Tungsten Bar) is called tungsten bar for short. It is a material with high melting point and low thermal expansion coefficient refined by special powder metallurgy technology. The addition of tungsten alloy elements can improve and improve some physical and chemi...
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  • Rare Earth of Tungsten and Molybdenum on the Tokyo Olympic Games

    Rare Earth of Tungsten and Molybdenum on the Tokyo Olympic Games   The Tokyo Olympic which was put off a year because of the coronavirus epidemic,was eventually held on July 23,2021.For the Chinese athletes,Chinese manufacturers made much contributions. about the half of the match equipment ...
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  • Tungsten Market Long-term Steady,Short-term Wait and See the Demand Risk

    Tungsten market long-term steady,short-term wait and see the demand risk   The domestic tungsten price continuously goes up this week. Increased quotation in large tungsten companies in the second half month, second increased price in this month in hard alloy enterprises and the news the rec...
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  • Why diminish the oxygen content in tungsten powder?

    Why diminish the oxygen centent in tungsten powder? Nanometer tungsten powder has the characteristics of small size effect,surface effect, quantum size effect and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect,so it has a wide application prospect in catalysis, light filtering, light absorption, magnetic m...
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    The tungsten’s price is firm in domestic market.Accordingly to the daily purchase actual transaction contract price and manufacturers’ the comprehensive survey situation,the intentional per ton price of wolftungsten concentrate is RMB102,000 at present.Domestic manufactures rise in the price of t...
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  • Tungsten and molybdenum materials’ amazing contribution to the launch of Shenzhen-12

    The Long March 2F Rocket carrying the Shenzhou-12 Manned Spacecraft was successfully launched from the Satellite Launch Center in Jiuquan at 9:22 am on June 17 ,which means that China’s aerospace industry has made further development.Why do tungsten and molybdenum materials make an amazing ...
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  • Tungsten powder price stabilizes with the approaching of New Year 2021

    China ammonium paratungstate (APT) and tungsten powder prices maintain stability with the approaching of New Year 2020. At present, stricter environmental protection, power limit of mining enterprises and logistic constrain increase production cost, but continued spread of Covid-19 and persisten...
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  • The benefits of molybdenum wire doped with Lanthanum

    The recrystallization temperature of lanthanum-doped molybdenum wire is higher than pure molybdenum wire, and it is because small amount of La2O3 can improve the properties and structure of molybdenum wire. Besides, La2O3 second phase effect can also increase the room temperature strength of the ...
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  • China Molybdenum Price – December 24, 2020

    China molybdenum price is in the upward trend in the second half of December under tight supply of raw materials and consumer restocking. Now most insiders have good expect for the outlook. In the molybdenum concentrate market, the overall trading enthusiasm is not high. Although downstream ferro...
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