Thermal Processes

We know that on its own, even the perfect material is not enough. That is why more than ten of our engineers specialize entirely in the field of furnace construction. They will work with you from the very first drawings of your furnace components through to the completion of the product. We optimize our components to meet the specific requirements demanded by the temperature, atmosphere and cycle times involved in your process.


You have nothing to worry about: From the metal powder through to the completed hot zone, at forged we take care of everything ourselves. We use state-of-the-art cutting, forming, machining and coating equipment. But it is our employees who make the real difference. Thanks to our many years of experience, they know how to handle even those metals that are not easily worked. The benefit to you: narrow tolerances and uncompromising precision . Right down to the last nut or bolt. Because we don't leave you to cope with detached parts but assemble even the largest hot zones directly at your premises.

Hot Products for Thermal Processes

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