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For their X-ray equipment and computer tomographs, medical device manufacturers place their trust in our stationary anodes and X-ray targets made of TZM, MHC, tungsten-rhenium alloys and tungsten-copper. Our tube and detector components, for example in the form of rotors, bearing components, cathode assemblies, emitters CT collimators and shieldings, are now a firmly established part of modern imaging diagnostic technology.

X-ray radiation occurs when electrons are decelerated at the anode. However, 99% of the input energy is converted into heat. Our metals can withstand the high temperatures and ensure reliable thermal management within the X-ray system.


n the field of radiotherapy we assist in the recovery of tens of thousands of patients. Here, absolute precision and uncompromising quality are essential. Our multileaf collimators and shieldings made from the particularly dense tungsten-heavy metal alloy Densimet® do not deviate a millimeter from this aim. They ensure that the radiation is focused in such a way that it falls on the diseased tissue with pinpoint accuracy. Tumors are exposed to high-precision irradiation while the healthy tissue remains protected.

When it comes to human welfare, we like to be in complete control. Our production chain does not start with the purchasing of the metal but with the reduction of the raw material to form metal powder. Only in this way can we achieve the high material purity that characterizes our products. We manufacture compact metallic components from porous powder blanks. Using special forming processes and mechanical processing steps, as well as state-of-the-art coating and joining technologies, we turn these into complex components of maximum performanceand outstanding quality.

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