Ion Implantation

There is a serious air ion beam into a solid material, the ion beam to solid material atoms or molecules into solid material surface, this phenomenon is called ion beam sputtering; and when the solid material, the surface of solid material bounced back, or out of solid material to these phenomena is called scattering; there is another phenomenon is that after the ion beam to the solid material by solid material and reduce the resistance slowly down, and ultimately stay in solid materials, this phenomenon is called ion implantation.

Ion implantation technique:
Is a kind of material surface modification technology which has developed rapidly and widely used in the world in the last 30 years. The basic principle is to use the energy of ion beam incident to the order of 100keV material to ion beam and the materials of the atoms or molecules will be a series of physical and chemical interactions, the incident ion energy loss gradually, the last stop in the material, and cause the structure and properties of material surface composition, change. In order to optimize the surface properties of materials, or to obtain some new properties. The new technology because of its unique advantages, has been in the doped semiconductor material, metal, ceramic, polymer, surface modification is widely used, has achieved great economic and social benefits.


Ion implantation as an important doping technology in micro electronic technology plays a key role in optimizing the surface properties of the materials. Ion implantation technology is very high temperature performance and resistance to chemical corrosion resistance of the material. Therefore, the main parts of the ionization chamber are made of tungsten, molybdenum or graphite materials. Gemei years of industry research and production by ion implantation of tungsten molybdenum material, the production process has stable and rich experience.

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