0.3mm pure tungsten disc sheet with polished surface

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 0.3mm pure tungsten discs with polished surfaces are used in a variety of applications including electronics, aerospace and medical devices.  A polished surface improves aesthetics and also enhances the material’s resistance to corrosion and wear.  Tungsten’s high melting point and excellent electrical conductivity make it suitable for use in high-temperature environments and electrical applications.  

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  • What factors are related to the thickness of tungsten discs?

The thickness of a tungsten disk is affected by a variety of factors, including the intended application, mechanical properties and manufacturing process. Some key factors related to tungsten sheet thickness include:

1. Application requirements: The specific application of the tungsten sheet plays a vital role in determining the required thickness. For example, in radiation shielding applications, thicker tungsten disks may be required to provide adequate protection, while thinner disks may be suitable for electronic component or semiconductor manufacturing.

2. Mechanical strength: The thickness of the tungsten sheet is usually selected to meet mechanical strength requirements, such as withstanding high temperature, pressure or wear resistance. Thicker discs provide greater mechanical strength and durability in harsh environments.

3. Machining and manufacturing processes: The manufacturing process used to produce tungsten disks, such as rolling, forging or machining, affects the thickness that can be achieved. The capabilities of the manufacturing equipment and process can determine the range of thicknesses that can be reliably produced.

4. Weight and space considerations: In some applications, the weight and size of the tungsten disk are critical factors. When weight and space constraints are important (such as in aerospace or small electronics), thinner discs may be preferred.

5. Material Cost and Availability: The cost and availability of tungsten material also affects the choice of disk thickness. Thicker disks may require more materials and processing, potentially affecting cost and availability.

With these factors in mind, the thickness of the tungsten disk is selected based on a combination of application-specific requirements, mechanical properties, manufacturing capabilities, and cost considerations.

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  • Is the production process of tungsten disc sheet complex?

Yes, the production process of tungsten sheet can be complex due to the unique properties of tungsten and the precision required for sheet manufacturing.  The production process typically involves several complex steps, including material selection, melting and casting, machining and shaping, surface treatment, and strict quality control measures.  Its complexity stems from the need for high precision, purity and uniformity of the final tungsten disc, as well as the specialized equipment and expertise required for its manufacture.

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