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  • High quality WCu sheet Tungsten Copper alloy plate

    High quality WCu sheet Tungsten Copper alloy plate

    The Production Method Of Tungsten Copper Alloy Plate The production of tungsten-copper alloy plates typically involves a process called infiltration. This method combines tungsten and copper into a composite material that exploits the properties of both metals. Here is an overview of the production process: Powder preparation: The production process usually starts with the preparation of tungsten powder and copper powd...
  • polished surface Mo machined part

    polished surface Mo machined part

    The Production Method Of Polished Surface Mo Machined Part Production methods for creating polished surfaces on machined parts typically involve several stages. Here is a step-by-step process to follow: Machining: Processing raw materials into desired shapes and sizes using processes such as milling, turning, or grinding. Grinding or Grinding: The surface of a machined part can be finished by grinding or grinding to re...
  • CNC machined tungsten parts high precision  Chinese Professional Customized

    CNC machined tungsten parts high precision  Chinese Professional Customized

    The Production Method Of CNC Machined Tungsten Parts Molybdenum crucibles are typically manufactured using one of two main production methods: Powder metallurgy: This method involves mixing molybdenum powder, pressing it into the desired crucible shape, and then sintering the compacted powder in a high-temperature vacuum or hydrogen atmosphere. This process helps achieve the required density and structural integrity of...
  • Tungsten  radiation shielded container for vial transport

    Tungsten  radiation shielded container for vial transport

    A tungsten radiation shielded container for vial transport is a container designed to safely transport vials containing radioactive materials. Tungsten was chosen for its high density and excellent radiation shielding properties. When considering the use of such containers, it is important to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements and provide adequate protection for the vials during transport and the personnel handling the vials.