high quality factory customized metal tungsten radiation-proof medical tank tungsten shield container

Short Description:

  • Place of Origin: Henan, China
  • Brand Name: LuoyangForgedmoly
  • Product Name: tungsten shield container
  • Material: W1 tungsten
  • Purity: >=99.95%
  • Density: 19.35g/cm3
  • Specifications: as requirement
  • Application: medical
  • Certificate: ASTM B 777-15 & ASTM T 21014
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    Tungsten alloy shielding container is abbreviated as tungsten container. Tungsten container is a container used to hold radioactive drugs or radionuclides in radiotherapy in the medical industry.

    The main function of tungsten alloy shielding container is to shield radioactive materials. It is made of tungsten alloy with high specific gravity. It is confirmed that the shielding of heavy metals is produced by density. The greater the density, the better the shielding. The density of high specific gravity tungsten alloy can reach 16.5-19.0g/cm3, which has a good shielding effect on radioactive substances. Compared with the existing lead shielding cans, tungsten alloy shielding containers show more environmental protection advantages. Tungsten alloy itself is non-toxic and will not produce radioactive substances. Waste parts can be recycled and processed without pollution.

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