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High-temperature W1 tungsten crucible, also known as tungsten pot with lid, is a specialized container designed for high-temperature applications, especially in industries such as metallurgy, sapphire crystal growth, and high-temperature chemical processes. These crucibles are typically made from high-purity tungsten and can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

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  • Why is the crucible covered with a lid?

Using lids with crucibles in high temperature applications serves several important purposes:

1. Containment and Protection: The lid helps contain the materials being processed inside the crucible, preventing them from spilling or splashing, especially during heating and melting processes. It also provides a protective barrier that reduces the risk of contamination from external sources such as dust, gases or other materials present in the surrounding environment.

2. Temperature control: By covering the crucible with a lid, the heat preservation inside the crucible is improved. This is particularly important in processes that require precise temperature control, such as material melting, chemical reactions or crystal growth. The lid helps maintain a more stable and uniform temperature environment within the crucible.

3. Minimize heat loss: Covers help minimize heat loss from the crucible, especially in applications involving high-temperature materials. This allows for more efficient use of energy and helps maintain the required temperature of the material being processed.

4. Prevent oxidation and evaporation: In some applications, the lid can form a sealed environment within the crucible, reducing the contact of materials with oxygen and preventing oxidation. Additionally, lids can help minimize the evaporation of volatile components in the material being processed, thereby preserving its composition.

5. Safety and Environmental Considerations: Using covers helps contain any fumes, vapors or emissions that may be produced during high temperature processes, helping to create a safer work environment and reduce the release of potentially harmful materials into the surrounding environment.

Overall, the use of lids with crucibles is critical to maintaining a controlled and protected environment for high-temperature processes, ensuring the integrity of the materials being processed, and increasing the efficiency and safety of the overall operation.

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  • What is the temperature of tungsten crucible?

The temperature of a tungsten crucible may vary depending on the specific application and its conditions of use. Tungsten has an extremely high melting point of 3422°C (6192°F), making it suitable for use in very high temperature environments.

Tungsten crucibles are commonly used in processes that require containing and processing materials at extremely high temperatures, such as the melting and casting of high-temperature metals and alloys, crystal growth, and high-temperature chemical reactions. In these applications, the crucible temperature can be well above 2000°C (3632°F) and can approach the melting point of tungsten.

It is worth noting that the actual operating temperature of a tungsten crucible will depend on the specific process and materials being processed. Crucibles' ability to withstand high temperatures and resist thermal shock and chemical attack make them an important component in high-temperature applications.

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