China APT Prices Stabilize Due to Thin Market Trading

The ferro tungsten and ammonium metatungstate (APT) prices in China are unchanged from the previous trading day. Raw material manufacturers become reluctant to sell their products while terminal buyers are still not active in inquiry. Affected by environmental protection, increased mining costs, decreased inventories, capital shortage and weak demand, the market is expected to be caught in wait-and-see atmosphere in the short term.

China’s Xianglu Tungsten released its offer levels for the second half of November: black tungsten concentrate (WO3≥55%) was quoted at $11,884/t, down $579.7/t from early this month; scheelite concentrate (WO3≥55%) was quoted at $11,739/t, down $579.7/t; APT was quoted at $212.9/mtu, down $6.6/mtu.

Post time: Nov-28-2019

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