Shaanxi nonferrous metals invested 511 million yuan in R & D in 2021

Increase investment in science and technology and improve the ability of independent innovation. In 2021, Shaanxi nonferrous metals group invested 511 million yuan in R & D, obtained 82 patent licenses, made continuous breakthroughs in core technology, completed 44 new products and processes throughout the year, and the sales revenue reached 3.88 billion yuan.

In 2021, the project of “research and application of key technologies for the preparation of large-size molybdenum niobium alloy targets for high generation line liquid crystal panels” of Jinmo group, a subordinate enterprise of the group, opened up the key process links for the preparation of molybdenum niobium targets with a unit weight of 100kg, and the technical level reached the leading level in China; BaoTi group’s “titanium belt for automobile battery” project officially entered the stage of industrial application, and successfully signed a 60 ton product supply contract, creating an output value of more than 12 million yuan for the enterprise, broadening the application of BaoTi high-quality titanium belt in the field of new energy vehicles in China; The “research and application demonstration of precious metal additive manufacturing technology” project of gold group has overcome the technical problems in the whole process, successfully developed the first precious metal additive manufacturing product, achieved a “zero breakthrough” in the field of precious metal additive manufacturing, and filled the gap in the industry.

Last September, Qin Chuangyuan Shaanxi nonferrous metals group joint innovation center was put into operation. Up to now, 9 sub platforms and 20 projects of the group have settled in the center. The group has continuously improved its R & D strength by building a collaborative innovation system of “production, learning, research and application”. BaoTi Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of the group, signed relevant cooperation agreements, such as jointly building the State Key Laboratory of “metal extrusion and forging equipment technology” with China Heavy Machinery Research Institute, and jointly building the national energy R & D center in the field of hydrogen energy with China Power Investment Group hydrogen energy technology Development Co., Ltd; The first provincial precious metal material innovation center (Shaanxi precious metal material innovation center) established by gold group has been put into operation; Shaanxi zinc industry and Xi’an Jiaotong University jointly applied for the establishment of “Shaanxi zinc based new material engineering technology research center”.

In addition, Shaanxi nonferrous metals group takes the lead in “carbon reduction” of the industry through innovation. Up to now, some major projects have completed the preliminary pre research work. The 100000 ton carbon dioxide capture and utilization comprehensive demonstration project that has been put into construction adopts a variety of carbon capture processes, which is the only demonstration device in the domestic non-ferrous metal industry.

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Post time: Mar-16-2022