The Tungsten Powder Market Remains Weak in Wake of Unclear Outlook

The trend of Chinese tungsten prices still lies on the relationship between the supply and demand. On the whole, the recovery in the demand side fails to meet market expectation, downstream enterprises seek lower prices and traders take a watchful stance. With the reduced profits, the tungsten market is likely to bottom out in the short term.

In the tungsten concentrate market, the weakness in the demand side squeezes profits of mining enterprises and sales of spot resources are under pressure. On the one hand, environmental protection, cost and other factors boost manufacturers’ rised mentality; on the other hand, insiders still worry about the weak terminal side may be hard to support the market.

For the APT market, the lukewarm terminal market is the main reason for the price decline, plus with the influence of capital shortage in the fourth season, market participants show worried sentiment. The tungsten powder market also remains weak in wake of unclear outlook for the expectation of 3C, auto and other industries.

Post time: Nov-26-2019

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