What colour tungsten do you use for aluminium?

In today’s rapidly growing aluminium processing industry, choosing the right welding material has become particularly important. The recent introduction of an innovative technology is set to change the industry – the use of colour-specific tungsten electrodes to improve the quality and efficiency of aluminium welding. This discovery not only heralds an increase in productivity, but also marks a major breakthrough in welding technology.

Tungsten electrodes, as the core material for tungsten arc welding (TIG), have always been an important part of the welding industry. Different colours of tungsten electrodes indicate different added elements and scope of application, while for aluminium welding, experts recommend the use of green tungsten electrodes. Green tungsten electrodes contain pure tungsten and are ideal for high current welding of aluminium and aluminium alloys due to their excellent electrical conductivity and high temperature resistance.


The use of green tungsten electrodes provides a more stable arc during the welding process and reduces welding defects such as porosity and inclusions, thus significantly improving the mechanical properties and appearance of welded joints. In addition, the stability of pure tungsten electrodes at high temperatures is superior to that of other types of tungsten electrodes, which makes it particularly good when working with thin aluminium plates or performing delicate welding operations.

tungsten electrode

According to industry experts, the new approach of using green tungsten electrodes will bring significant productivity and cost benefits to the aluminium processing industry. The technology not only reduces material waste in the production process, but also shortens working time and improves the overall efficiency of the production line.

With the promotion of the green tungsten electrode technology, it is expected to drive the aluminium processing industry towards a more efficient and environmentally friendly direction. The application of this innovative technology is not only limited to aluminium welding, but is also expected to be extended to the processing of other metal materials in the future, bringing revolutionary changes to the entire manufacturing industry.

FORGED, as a leading company in the industry, has already started to adopt this new technology in its production line, and looks forward to exploring more application possibilities with colleagues in the industry to jointly promote the innovation and development of the industry.

Post time: Apr-01-2024