Why diminish the oxygen content in tungsten powder?

Why diminish the oxygen centent in tungsten powder?

Nanometer tungsten powder has the characteristics of small size effect,surface effect, quantum size effect and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect,so it has a wide application prospect in catalysis, light filtering, light absorption, magnetic medium and new materials.However, the application of powder is limited due to the presence of certain oxygen content in powders.

From macro view,the more the oxygen content,the lower the tensile strength of tungsten products and hard alloy,causing the cracking. The comprehensive properties of the cracking tungsten products will be low,such as shielding and anti-impact,so manufacturing the spherical tungsten powder with low oxygen content is necessary.The lower the oxygen content,the more times the powder will be reused.In another word,it can reduce the cost.

The factors influencing the oxygen content have grain size,carbon content and other factors.In general,the smaller the grain size,the more the oxygen content.In addition,the larger the grain size,the easier the cracking occurs.

Post time: Jul-13-2021

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