Molybdenum Electrodes, Molybdenum Alloys.

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Molybdenum electrodes are electrodes made from molybdenum, a metal with a high melting point, high electrical conductivity and high heat resistance, properties that make it useful in high-temperature industrial processes such as glass and steel production, as well as in arc welding. Molybdenum electrodes exhibit good stability and corrosion resistance in use, especially in applications requiring high temperatures and high currents.

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The Production Method Of Molybdenum Electrodes

The role of molybdenum electrodes in high-temperature industrial heating systems includes providing high-temperature heating, conducting electric current, exhibiting chemical stability, being corrosion-resistant and being able to be machined into different shapes and sizes as required. Their high melting point, good thermal conductivity and chemical stability make them particularly useful in electric arc furnaces, glass melting furnaces and certain specialised chemical processes, where they are effective in reducing material contamination and improving productivity and product quality.

The Use Of Molybdenum Electrodes

Molybdenum electrodes play a key role in a number of fields due to their high melting point, excellent thermal conductivity and chemical stability. Key applications include glass manufacturing, steel and metal smelting, rare metal refining, heat treatment, the photovoltaic industry, the chemical industry as well as electronics and semiconductor manufacturing. These applications utilise the high temperature and corrosion resistance of molybdenum electrodes to ensure high performance and reliability in demanding industrial environments.


Specification Item Description
Diameter 5mm - 100mm
Length 100mm - 2000mm
Purity ≥99.95%
Shape Round, Square, Custom Shapes
Surface Treatment Polished, Untreated
End Processing Threaded, Tapered, Custom Joints

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