high density pure tungsten counterweight block

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Pure tungsten weights are solid blocks made entirely of tungsten and do not contain any other alloying elements. Pure tungsten has high density, excellent corrosion resistance and a high melting point, making it suitable for applications requiring compact and heavy-duty counterweights.

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The Production Method Of Pure Tungsten Counterweight Block

The production of pure tungsten weights involves multiple steps, and the process can vary based on the specific requirements of the application. The following is a brief introduction to the production method of pure tungsten weight blocks:

1. Material selection: First, select high-purity tungsten raw materials. Tungsten ore is processed to extract tungsten oxide, and then tungsten powder is produced through chemical reduction. The powder is then consolidated into a solid block of tungsten through a process called sintering.

2. Shaping: The tungsten block is then formed into the desired shape of the counterweight. This can be achieved through various methods such as machining, grinding or electrical discharge machining (EDM) to obtain the precise dimensions and surface finish required for the counterweight.

3. Quality Control: Throughout the entire production process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure that tungsten weights meet required weight, size and material purity specifications. Non-destructive testing methods can be used to verify block integrity.

4. Surface Treatment: Depending on the application, tungsten weights can undergo surface treatments such as polishing, coating, or other finishing processes to achieve the desired surface properties and appearance.

5. Final Inspection and Packaging: Once the weights are manufactured and inspected, they are packed and ready to be shipped to the customer or further assembled into the final product.

It’s worth noting that the production of pure tungsten weights can be complex and may require specialized equipment and expertise due to tungsten’s unique properties, such as high hardness and brittleness. Additionally, due to the potential health hazards associated with tungsten powder, safety measures should be taken when handling tungsten materials, especially in powdered form.

The Application Of Pure Tungsten Counterweight Block

Pure tungsten weights have numerous applications in different industries due to their high density and corrosion resistance. Some common applications include:

1. Aerospace: Pure tungsten weights are used in aircraft and aerospace applications to provide balance and stability. They can be used on aircraft control surfaces, rotor blades and other critical components to ensure proper weight distribution.

2. Industrial Machinery: In industrial environments, pure tungsten weights are used in heavy machinery to balance moving parts such as rotating shafts, crankshafts, and flywheels. They help reduce vibration and ensure smooth operation.

3. Medical Equipment: Pure tungsten weights are used in medical instruments and equipment, such as radiation therapy machines, where precise weight distribution is critical for accurate and safe operation.

4. Sports equipment: In sports and entertainment activities, pure tungsten weights can be incorporated into golf clubs, tennis rackets, archery bows and other equipment to fine-tune weight distribution and improve performance.

5. Automotive and Racing: Pure tungsten weights are used in automotive applications, especially racing, to optimize weight distribution and enhance handling characteristics.

6. Precision instruments: Pure tungsten weights are used in precision instruments, such as balances, scales, scientific instruments, etc., to provide accurate and stable measurements.

These applications benefit from the high density and compact size of pure tungsten weights, allowing for precise weight adjustment and improved performance in a variety of systems and equipment.


Product Name Pure Tungsten Counterweight Block
Material W1
Specification Customized
Surface Black skin, alkali washed, polished.
Technique Sintering process, machining 
Meltng point 3400℃
Density 19.3g/cm3

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