tungsten wire twisted tungsten wire filament

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Tungsten wire is a type of wire made from the metal tungsten. Known for its high melting point and excellent strength, it is commonly used in a variety of industrial applications such as heating elements, lighting and electronic components. If you have any specific questions about tungsten wire, please feel free to ask!

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The Production Method Of tungsten wire twisted tungsten wire filament

The production of tungsten wire usually includes the following steps:

Extraction and Purification: Tungsten is extracted from the ore and purified to remove impurities. Powder production: The purified tungsten is then converted into powder form. Wire drawing: Tungsten powder is made into metal wire through the wire drawing process. This involves pulling the tungsten material through a series of dies to reduce its diameter and achieve the desired thickness. As for the production of twisted tungsten wire, additional steps include twisting or winding multiple tungsten wires together to form a filament with enhanced strength and unique properties suitable for specific applications such as lighting and electronics.

For specific details on the production method of stranded tungsten wire, it is best to consult the manufacturer or expert in the field of tungsten wire production.

The Application Of tungsten wire twisted tungsten wire filament

Tungsten wire and stranded tungsten wire are widely used due to their high melting point, high strength, corrosion resistance and other characteristics. Some common applications include:

Lighting Filament: Stranded tungsten filament is commonly used in incandescent light bulbs and halogen lamps because of their ability to withstand high temperatures without melting, resulting in a durable and long-lasting light source. Electron Microscopy: Tungsten filament is used as the electron filament source in electron microscopy, and its high melting point and electron emission properties are crucial for generating electron beams. Heating Elements: Because tungsten wire is able to withstand extreme temperatures, it is also used as a heating element in high-temperature furnaces and industrial heating applications. Vacuum and Electrical Applications: Tungsten wire is used in vacuum and electrical applications where stable and reliable performance under harsh conditions is critical, such as vacuum tubes and cathode ray tubes. These are just a few examples of the wide range of applications of tungsten wire and stranded tungsten wire in various industries.


Product Name tungsten wire twisted tungsten wire filament
Material W1
Specification Customized
Surface Black skin, alkali washed, polished.
Technique Sintering process, machining 
Meltng point 3400℃
Density 19.3g/cm3

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