Tungsten for tig welding Tungsten electrodes for welding.

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Tungsten electrodes are essential for high-precision welding across aerospace, automotive, medical device manufacturing, and artistic metalwork, offering unmatched control and durability in creating strong, clean welds.


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 Tungsten electrode specifications and their applications


Spec No. Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Color Code Main Applications
1 1.0 150 Green Suitable for AC welding, such as welding aluminum and its alloys
2 1.6 150 Red Commonly used in DC welding, suitable for steel, stainless steel, etc.
3 2.0 175 Blue Suitable for precision welding, such as mold repair
4 2.4 175 Gold Widely used in DC welding, with good arc stability
5 3.2 175 Gray Used for high current welding operations, such as thick plate welding
6 4.0 175 Purple Suitable for high current welding, when high penetration is required

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