Best quality melting pot 99 95 forging tungsten crucible for high temperature furnace

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  • Place of Origin: Henan, China
  • Brand Name: LuoyangForged
  • Product Name: Tungsten crucible
  • Material: W1
  • Purity: 9995min
  • Density: 19.3g/cm3
  • Size: as requirement
  • Shape: crucible or melting pot
  • Technique: Sintering process, machining
  • Application: Sapphire crystal growth furnace,quartz glass melting furnace
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    The Production Method Of melting pot 99 95 forging tungsten crucible 

    The production method of forged tungsten crucible usually includes several steps:

    Raw material selection: The crucible is produced using high-quality tungsten material with a purity of 99.95%. The purity of the material is critical to ensuring the crucible can withstand high temperatures and corrosive environments. Melting and casting: Selected tungsten materials are melted using specialized high-temperature equipment such as electric arc furnaces. The molten tungsten is then poured into the mold to form the initial shape of the crucible. Forging process: The cast tungsten blank is then subjected to a forging process to shape and form the desired crucible shape. This may involve various methods such as hammer forging, pressure forging or extrusion to obtain the required final dimensions and properties of the crucible. Machining and Finishing: After the forging process, the crucible undergoes a machining and finishing process to refine its surface, remove any defects, and achieve the precise dimensions and surface quality required for high-temperature applications. Quality Control: Throughout the production process, strict quality control measures are implemented to ensure that the final tungsten crucible meets the standards required for high temperature furnace applications. This may include non-destructive testing, dimensional inspection and material analysis.

    By following these production methods, manufacturers can produce high-quality tungsten crucibles that can withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments, making them suitable for use in high-temperature furnaces.

    The Application Of  melting pot 99 95 forging tungsten crucible

    Forged tungsten crucibles with furnace applications are widely used in high-temperature furnaces in various industries. The purity of tungsten material is 99.95%, it has excellent high temperature resistance and is suitable for demanding heat treatment processes. Some common applications include:

    High Temperature Metal Melting: Tungsten crucibles are used for melting and casting high melting point metals such as steel, high temperature alloys and refractory metals. In industries such as aerospace, automotive and metal manufacturing, these crucibles help process molten metal at extremely high temperatures. Vacuum and Inert Gas Environments: Tungsten crucibles are typically used in high temperature furnaces operating in vacuum or inert gas environments. These conditions are common in industries such as heat treatment, advanced materials processing and semiconductor manufacturing, where tungsten's consistent properties are critical to maintaining a controlled atmosphere and achieving uniform heating. Crystal Growth and Single Crystal Manufacturing: In industries such as semiconductor and optical manufacturing, tungsten crucibles are used in the crystal growth process. The high purity and thermal stability of these crucibles are critical for the production of high-quality single crystals used in electronic and optical devices. High Temperature Sintering and Annealing: Tungsten crucibles play a key role in high temperature processes such as sintering and annealing of ceramics, composites and advanced materials. The crucible's excellent thermal conductivity and stability facilitate the precise heat treatment required for these materials. Powder Metallurgy: Tungsten crucibles are used to produce metal and ceramic components through the powder metallurgy process. Crucibles provide a reliable containment for compacting and sintering metal or ceramic powders at high temperatures.

    In all these applications, forged tungsten crucibles with furnace applications are critical to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh operating conditions, facilitating efficient and precise heat treatment of materials in high-temperature furnaces.


    Product Name Forging tungsten crucible 
    Material Tungsten
    Specification Customized
    Surface Black skin, alkali washed, polished.
    Technique Sintering process, machining 
    Meltng point 3400℃
    Density 19.3g/cm3

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