Diameter 0.18mm molybdenum wire for EDM wire cutting machine

Short Description:

  • Place of Origin:: Luoyang,China
  • Brand Name:: FORGED
  • Material:: Molybdenum
  • Chemical Composition:: Mo>=99.95%
  • Surface:: Polished
  • Color:: Black
  • Application:: EDM wire cutting
  • Size:: Customized
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    High strength wire cut molybdenum wire has the characteristics of high strength, electric corrosion resistance, small elongation and good discharge performance, which can ensure the stability of the processing process and the dimensional accuracy of the processed workpiece.

    High strength wire cut molybdenum wire is especially suitable for precision cutting of parts with complex structure.

    0.18 molybdenum wire features:

    1. It is made of 99.95% pure molybdenum raw material, which makes the molybdenum wire have electro corrosiveness;

    2. It is widely used in wire cutting die forming. Molybdenum wire with diameter of 0.18mm is usually used, which has accurate wire diameter and ensures machining accuracy;

    3. In cold drawing process, molybdenum wire has high tensile strength, not easy to break, low elongation, easy to maintain constant tension, large curl rate, straight and straight, and easy to thread;

    4. The loss of molybdenum wire is small in use, which can prolong the service life;

    5. There is no protective layer on the surface of molybdenum wire, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency

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