Pure tungsten capillary  pipe tube with polished surface

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Pure tungsten capillary tubes or tubes with polished surfaces are commonly used in a variety of industrial and scientific applications.

In all of these applications, using pure tungsten capillary tubing with a polished surface is critical to maintaining precise dimensional tolerances, minimizing surface roughness, and ensuring high purity for critical processes and applications.

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The Production Method Of pure tungsten capillary pipe tube

The production of pure tungsten capillary tubes involves several key manufacturing processes. Here is a general overview of the production method:

Raw material selection: Select high-quality tungsten powder as the raw material for manufacturing pure tungsten capillary tubes. The purity and particle size of tungsten powder are carefully controlled to meet the required specifications. Powder compaction: Tungsten powder is pressed into a solid form using specialized tools and high-pressure compaction technology. This process helps create a dense and uniform structure within the tube. Sintering: The compacted tungsten powder is then subjected to a sintering process, where high-temperature heating in a controlled atmosphere binds the tungsten particles together. This step helps increase the strength and density of the tube. Shaping and Forming: The sintered tungsten is then formed into the desired tube shape using various forming techniques such as extrusion or drawing. This process creates capillaries with precise dimensions and smooth surfaces. Machining and Finishing: After forming, the tube is machined to achieve final dimensions and surface finish. This may involve precision cutting, grinding and polishing to achieve the required smoothness and dimensional accuracy. Quality control: Throughout the production process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure that the purity, dimensional accuracy and mechanical properties of the tungsten capillary tube meet the specified requirements. This may include non-destructive testing,

The Use Of pure tungsten capillary pipe tube

Pure tungsten capillary tubes have a variety of applications in various fields due to their unique properties. Here are some common uses:

Electronics: Tungsten capillary tubes are used in the electronics industry for applications such as cathode ray tubes, electron tubes, and X-ray tubes due to their high melting point, high tensile strength, and good electrical conductivity. Aerospace and Defense: Pure tungsten capillary tubes are used in aerospace and defense applications, including missile systems, due to their ability to withstand high temperatures and harsh environments. Medical devices: Tungsten capillaries can effectively attenuate X-rays and gamma radiation, so they can be used in medical devices such as X-ray equipment, radiation shielding, and radiotherapy. Scientific Instruments: Tungsten capillaries are used in scientific instruments such as mass spectrometers, electron microscopes and ion implantation equipment because they are resistant to high temperatures and do not react with many chemicals. Semiconductor Industry: In the semiconductor industry, tungsten capillaries are used in applications such as ion implantation and chemical vapor deposition due to their high purity, chemical inertness, and ability to withstand harsh process conditions. High-temperature furnace: Tungsten capillary tubes are used as thermocouple protection tubes and heating elements in high-temperature furnaces due to their high melting point, thermal shock resistance, and small deformation at high temperatures.

Overall, pure tungsten capillary tubes have a wide range of high-temperature, high-precision, and radiation-resistant applications in industries such as electronics, aerospace, medical, scientific research, and semiconductor manufacturing.


Product Name Tungsten Capillary Pipe Tube
Material W1
Specification Customized
Surface Black skin, alkali washed, polished.
Technique Sintering process, machining (tungsten rod hollowing processing)
Meltng point 3400℃
Density 19.3g/cm3

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