99.95% Pure Tantalum Sputtering Target

Short Description:

  • Place of Origin: Henan,China
  • Brand Name: Luoyang Forged
  • Model Number: Ta1
  • Material: Tantalum
  • Surface: caustic washing/polishing
  • Dimensions: various
  • Density: 16.7g/cm3
  • Purity: >=99.95%
  • Condition: vacuum annealing/temper/quench
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    The Production Method Of Tantalum Sputtering Target

    Tantalum sputtering targets are usually produced using powder metallurgy processes.

    In this method, tantalum powder is compacted and sintered to form a solid tantalum plate. The sintered sheets are then processed through various forming processes, such as machining or rolling, to obtain the desired dimensions and surface finish. The final product is then cleaned and inspected to ensure it meets the specifications required for the sputtering application. This production method ensures that the tantalum sputtering targets have the necessary purity, density and microstructure to achieve optimal performance in thin film deposition processes.

    The Use Of Tantalum Sputtering Target

    Tantalum sputtering targets are used in the sputter deposition process, a method of depositing thin films of various materials onto a substrate. In the case of tantalum sputtering targets, they are used to deposit tantalum thin films onto a variety of surfaces, such as semiconductor wafers, display coatings, and other electronic components. During the sputter deposition process, the tantalum sputtering target is bombarded by high-energy ions, causing tantalum atoms to be ejected from the target and deposited on the substrate in the form of a thin film. The process allows precise control of film thickness and uniformity, making it an important method for manufacturing electronic devices and other high-tech products. Tantalum sputtering targets are valued for their high melting point, chemical inertness, and compatibility with a variety of substrate materials, making them ideal for applications requiring durable and high-quality films. These targets are commonly used in the production of capacitors, integrated circuits and other electronic devices.

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