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Tungsten nozzles are used in various industrial applications due to its excellent properties such as high melting point, corrosion resistance and excellent thermal conductivity. These nozzles are commonly used in processes such as welding, cutting, spraying, waterjet cutting and chemical processing. 

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  • Are tungsten nozzles good?

 Yes, tungsten nozzles are highly regarded for their superior features and performance in various industrial applications. Their high melting point, corrosion resistance and excellent thermal conductivity make them ideal for demanding processes such as welding, cutting, spraying, waterjet cutting and chemical processing. Tungsten nozzles are valued for their ability to withstand extreme conditions and provide precise and controlled dispensing or cutting, making them a reliable choice for many industrial environments.

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  • What is a tungsten carbide nozzle tip?

Tungsten carbide nozzle tip is a component used in various industrial applications, especially in sandblasting and spray coating processes. Tungsten carbide is a composite material made of tungsten and carbon, known for its exceptional hardness and wear resistance. Tungsten carbide nozzle tips are designed to withstand the abrasive forces and high velocity flows of abrasive materials or coatings, making them suitable for applications where durability and wear resistance are critical. These nozzle tips are commonly used in blasting equipment such as sand and shot blasting, as well as in spray systems for applying protective coatings and surface treatments. Tungsten carbide’s hardness and wear resistance make it an excellent choice for extending nozzle life and maintaining nozzle performance in harsh industrial environments.

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  • Why is tungsten carbide so cheap?

Tungsten carbide is not generally considered a cheap material. In fact, it is known for its high hardness, wear resistance, and durability, which tends to make it more expensive than many other materials. The production of tungsten carbide involves a complex process that involves combining tungsten and carbon at high temperatures and pressures and then sintering them to form a hard and wear-resistant material. Additionally, the cost of tungsten itself as a raw material can fluctuate based on market conditions and supply chain factors. As a result, tungsten carbide is often valued for its performance characteristics rather than its economics.

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