A Warship Can Carry Thousands of Tungsten Alloy Bombs, And Its Combat Effectiveness Is Comparable to That of Medium-Range Missiles

A warship can carry thousands of tungsten alloy bombs, and its combat performance is comparable to that of medium-range missiles? This is sourced and will be discussed later. Presumably, the artisans should know that the United States regards the electromagnetic orbital gun as a subversive weapon capable of changing the rules of the war game. It is estimated that such a legend of the rivers and lakes, the US Navy has already put the electromagnetic railgun into the “cold palace”, so, in the future, it is unlikely to be vigorously developed. However, whether this is a rumor or not, the possibility that the United States will give up such a “revolutionary weapon” with powerful operational effectiveness is almost zero.

First of all, the United States is a military power and a military power. How can it not be developed? Furthermore, the United States had already proposed the concept of an electromagnetic railgun since the 1950s, and then developed it as a strategic weapon in the 1980s, although the research and development progress after the end of the Cold War in the 1990s was released. Slowly, however, since the beginning of the 21st century, the importance attached by the United States to electromagnetic orbital guns has gradually increased.

As for how to attach importance to the law, there is data based! In 2017, the US Navy applied for a budget of $3 billion. These budget funds are mainly applied for projects such as electromagnetic rail guns. In 2018, the development of new weapons such as electromagnetic railguns used by the United States probably cost about $2.4 billion. In the 2019 Army budget application, the Army’s electromagnetic railgun technology successfully increased the funding of 20 million US dollars. Moreover, there are also application basis! How to say? Experts said that the United States attaches great importance to the plan of the electromagnetic rail guns, because the US military wants to use electromagnetic orbital guns, which can compete with general missile weapons and even medium-range missiles, for cruisers, destroyers and aircraft carriers. Combat.


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More importantly, China has become the first country to install an electromagnetic railgun on a warship. According to the article published by the China Naval Network and the photos uploaded by some social media, the analyst believes that the weapon that China successfully tested on warships is the electromagnetic railgun. In this regard, military fans have speculated that China has taken the lead in successfully developing a ship-borne electromagnetic railgun, or using it as a next-generation ship-borne weapon, and will soon be equipped with troops, while the 055-type 10,000-ton destroyer is considered to be The warship to be equipped. However, some experts said that even though China took the lead in testing the electromagnetic railguns, the integration of the entire system of electromagnetic railguns tested in China is not very high. For the sake of the strength of our shipboard electromagnetic railgun system, we will not say that. Let’s just say that Russia, as a traditional military power, as a rising emerging power, India, and many other countries are also committed to the development of electromagnetic orbital guns with subversive performance !


So why are the major military powers in the world committed to the development of electromagnetic railguns? First of all, you have to know how the electromagnetic railgun works. Electromagnetic railguns do not require the use of gunpowder or other explosives, mainly by the strong electromagnetic energy generated by the interaction of the magnetic field and the current to push the tungsten alloy bombs, thereby launching the tungsten alloy bombs at the initial speed of Mach, and then The use of powerful electromagnetic energy accelerates the speed of tungsten alloy bombs to extremely high.

Then, look at the dominant position of the electromagnetic railgun. It is reported that the range of the electromagnetic railgun can greatly exceed the range of the traditional artillery. Moreover, compared with the traditional artillery, the electromagnetic railgun has low energy cost and high reaction sensitivity, and its tungsten alloy projectile has faster speed, longer range, better stability, higher precision and stronger damage. The ability to assault is stronger. In addition, due to the limited capacity of warships’ ammunition depots, the number of missiles that can be carried is up to 120, and the number of tungsten alloy bombs that can be carried by warships is relatively high. It is not a problem to have a thousand. . Judging from the maximum number of missiles that a warship can carry today, the operational efficiency is obviously not high. After the fight is over, it is necessary to add it, return it to the port, and continue to install it.

The other one is the cost issue. First understand the range of the electromagnetic railgun. According to the range test data of the latest US electromagnetic railguns, the maximum range can reach two hundred kilometers, and the expected range or higher. In other words, if the same target is aimed at two hundred kilometers away, you say that the cost of a missile is high, or is the cost of a tungsten alloy bomb high? From this point of view, the electromagnetic railgun is called “the epoch-making weapon”, and it is not unreasonable. Some experts said that in the future, the electromagnetic railgun may even end the “traditional artillery era”, and in other fields such as anti-missile, the electromagnetic railgun will also have a lot of room for display.

Post time: May-07-2020

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