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Molybdenum electrodes are high-temperature, durable electrodes, mainly made of molybdenum metal, which are widely used in high-temperature industrial furnaces, such as electric arc furnaces and glass melting furnaces, and are favoured for their excellent high-temperature resistance and electrical conductivity.

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  • What is molybdenum anode?

Molybdenum anode refers to an anode (positive electrode) made of molybdenum, a refractory metal known for its high melting point, strength, and corrosion resistance. Molybdenum anodes are commonly used in X-ray tubes as the target material for producing X-rays.

In an X-ray tube, when high-energy electrons are accelerated and directed toward a molybdenum anode, they interact with the target material, producing X-rays through the Bremsstrahlung process. Molybdenum's high melting point and thermal conductivity make it well suited to withstand the high temperatures generated during this process.

Molybdenum anodes are valued for their ability to efficiently convert electron kinetic energy into X-rays, and they are used in a variety of medical, industrial, and scientific applications that require the generation of X-rays for imaging and analysis.

  • What is the current density of the molybdenum electrode?

The current density of molybdenum electrodes can vary depending on the specific application, the size and shape of the electrode, and the electrical conditions under which it operates. Current density is usually expressed in amperes per square meter (A/m^2) or amperes per square centimeter (A/cm^2).

In the context of electrochemistry or electrodeposition, the current density of a molybdenum electrode depends on the applied current and the surface area of ​​the electrode. For example, in the electroplating process, current density is an important parameter that affects the plating rate and quality.

In other applications, such as in X-ray tubes using molybdenum as the anode, the current density will be related to the electron beam energy and the area of ​​the anode surface that is bombarded by the electrons.

In order to determine the specific current density of a molybdenum electrode for a given application, it is necessary to consider the operating conditions, the geometry of the electrode, and the electrical parameters involved in the process.


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