U-shaped heating wire

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A U-shaped heating wire, made from materials like nichrome or kanthal, efficiently distributes heat when electrified. Ideal for various heating applications, it provides uniform temperature control and durability.

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The Production Method Of U-shaped heating wire

Manufacturing U-shaped heating wires starts with choosing materials with high electrical resistance, such as nickel-chromium or kanthal. These materials are then drawn into thin wires, which are mechanically bent into a U-shape to maximize heat distribution. To enhance their performance and longevity, the wires are heat-treated to relieve manufacturing stresses and may receive surface treatments for improved oxidation resistance. Each wire undergoes strict quality control for dimensional accuracy and electrical performance before being prepared for distribution. This meticulous process ensures the heating wires are durable, efficient, and ready for a variety of heating applications.


The Use Of U-shaped heating wire

U-shaped heating wires are versatile elements used for efficient and uniform heating across industrial furnaces, household appliances, laboratory devices, and commercial equipment. Their unique shape focuses heat effectively, making them ideal for metal heat treatment, food preparation, precise laboratory heating, and ensuring comfort and functionality in commercial products. When installing and using these wires, it’s crucial to ensure proper electrical connections, adequate heat dissipation, compatibility with temperature control systems, and regular maintenance for safety and durability. U-shaped heating wires offer a reliable solution for diverse heating needs.



Specification Description
Material Nichrome, Kanthal, Stainless Steel
Shape U-shaped
Diameter 0.2mm - 2.0mm (typical ranges)
Length Variable, customized to application
Maximum Operating Temperature Up to 1200°C (for specific alloys)
Resistance Varies with material and dimensions
Power Output Customizable based on length and resistance
Voltage Rating Designed for specific applications (e.g., 110V, 220V)
Applications Industrial furnaces, household appliances, laboratory equipment
Features High thermal efficiency, uniform heating, durable
Customization Options Available in various lengths, diameters, and shapes for specific heating needs


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