W70Cu30 W90Cu10 Tungsten Copper Alloy  round Rod 

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Tungsten-copper (W-Cu) alloys, such as W70Cu30 and W90Cu10, are composite materials that combine the high-temperature strength and wear resistance of tungsten with the excellent thermal and electrical conductivity of copper. These alloys are commonly used in a variety of applications requiring these combinations of properties. 

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The Production Method Of W70Cu30 Tungsten Copper Alloy Round Rod

The production of W70Cu30 tungsten copper alloy round rods involves several steps to achieve the required composition, microstructure and mechanical properties. The following is a brief introduction to the production method of W70Cu30 tungsten copper alloy round rod:

1. Raw material preparation: The production process must first select high-purity tungsten and copper raw materials. Tungsten powder and copper powder are usually used as starting materials. Weigh the powder carefully and mix in appropriate proportions to obtain the desired W70Cu30 composition.

2. Mixing and compacting: Mix the tungsten powder and copper powder together to form a uniform mixture. The mixed powder is then compacted under high pressure using a process such as cold isostatic pressing (CIP) to form a green body with the desired shape, such as a rod.

3. Sintering: The green body is sintered in a high temperature furnace under controlled atmosphere conditions. During sintering, the powders are heated to temperatures below the melting points of the components, causing them to bond together through a diffusion process. This results in the formation of a solid, dense tungsten-copper composite.

4. Thermal processing (optional): In some cases, sintered tungsten copper materials may undergo thermal processing processes such as extrusion or forging to further refine the microstructure and improve the material's mechanical properties.

5. Machining and finishing: The sintered material and possibly thermally worked material are then machined to the desired final dimensions and surface finish of the round bar. This may involve turning, grinding and other machining processes to achieve the desired shape and surface quality.

6. Quality control: During the entire production process, quality control measures are implemented to ensure that the composition, size and mechanical properties of the tungsten copper round rods meet the required specifications.

The production of W70Cu30 tungsten copper alloy round rods involves precision manufacturing processes and may require specialized equipment and expertise due to the unique properties of tungsten and copper. Additionally, due to the potential health hazards associated with metal dust, safety measures should be taken when handling tungsten and copper materials, especially in powder form.

The Application Of W70Cu30 Tungsten Copper Alloy Round Rod

W70Cu30 tungsten copper alloy round rod has a variety of applications in different industries due to its unique combination of properties. Some common applications include:

1. Electrical and electronic components: W70Cu30 round rods are used in electrical and electronic applications such as electrical contacts, heat sinks and electrodes. Copper's high thermal and electrical conductivity combined with tungsten's high strength and wear resistance make these rods suitable for components that require efficient heat dissipation and reliable electrical performance.

2. Resistance welding electrode: The high thermal conductivity and resistance to thermal softening of W70Cu30 electrode make it very suitable for use as a resistance welding electrode. These electrodes are used for spot welding, seam welding and other resistance welding processes, where they must withstand high temperatures and mechanical wear.

3. EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) Electrode: W70Cu30 round rod is used as EDM electrode in manufacturing industry. The alloy's high thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance make it suitable for creating complex and precise shapes in hard materials through EDM processes.

4. Heat sink and thermal management: The excellent thermal conductivity of copper in W70Cu30 alloy makes it valuable for heat sink applications in electronic equipment, power electronics and high-power LED lighting. These rods effectively dissipate heat, helping to maintain the optimal operating temperature of electronic components.

5. Aerospace and Defense: W70Cu30 round rod is used in aerospace and defense applications that require high strength, thermal conductivity and wear resistance. They can be used in components such as connectors, electronic housings and thermal management systems.

These applications benefit from the unique properties of W70Cu30 tungsten copper alloy round rods, including high thermal and electrical conductivity, excellent machinability, and resistance to heat and mechanical wear.

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