Mo-La alloy sheet

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Molybdenum-radium alloy sheet is a high-performance material that combines the high-temperature strength and stability of molybdenum with the radioactive properties of radium. This alloy sheet has excellent resistance to heat, wear and radiation, making it useful for applications in nuclear energy, aerospace and high-end scientific research. Its unique combination provides both the physical properties required in extreme environments and specific energy output needs, such as for radiation sources or structural components at high temperatures. Processing this alloy requires special techniques to maintain its properties and ensure safe use.

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Mo-La alloy sheet
Chemical composition:

Main and minor components Min.content(%)
Mo Balance
La 0.52-0.62
La2O3 0.61-0.73
Impurities Max.values(μg/g)
Al 10
Cr 20
Cu 20
Fe 20
K 20
Ni 10
Si 20
W 300
C 30
H 10
N 10
Cd 5
Hg 1
Pb 5

Dimensions and tolerances

Sheet thickness(mm) Thickness tolerance ± mm or % of the thickness Max.width(mm) Width tolerance(±)
1.00 +0.08 850 2.0
1.0-1.5 0.13 850 2.0
1.5-2.0 0.15 850 2.0
2.0-3.6 0.18 1000 2.0
3.6-50.0 5% 1000 2.0

The length tolerance for sheet length up to 2500mm is max. +5/-0 mm.
Flatness: max 4 % (measuring procedure on the basis of ASTM B386)
Density: ≥10.1g/cm³
Hardness Vickers: ≤250 HV
Appearance: The material will be of uniform quality, free from foreign matter, splits and fractures. Bed sheets (not trimmed) may have small edge cracks.
Surface defects are assessed in the frame of visual inspection.
Local surface defects can be removed by frinding within the specified thickness tolerance.
Surface quality: Pickled

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